Apollo Exchange is a Digital MGA.
An MGA is appointed by an insurer to
solicit applications from brokers.

Our platform simply does this online.

…six in 10 of those we most recently surveyed say they receive no particular service from their agents beyond shopping for coverage.


The Apollo Exchange Philosophy

The insurance industry has to adapt to changing expectations from buyers and young employees. ApolloXE is taking a whole new approach by combining technology, insurance capacity, content marketing and SEO services. Each of our content experts is a licensed insurance broker and professionally published writer.

For small business and personal lines, we help our broker with automation solutions, social media engagement, and allowing buyers to begin their journey with online research. For larger accounts, we help producers demonstrate their expertise and engage prospects over new mediums.

Our mission is to be the most broker centric wholesale insurance provider in the world.

The ApolloXE Marketplace offers
new products from more markets,
while giving brokers up to 45% more
time to talk to their clients.

Learn what ApolloXE can do for you.

Apollo Exchange is a Vancouver based company providing content marketing services and customized underwriting products to insurance brokers. Canadians spend $50 billion annually on property and casualty insurance premiums which are sold by over 5,000 insurance brokerages across the country. Our Broker Marketplace is the first of its kind to offer multiple insurance companies on one integrated online platform.

We make the processing of all those transactions more efficient for everybody.

Solidify your role as a trusted
advisor in this rapidly changing
digital world.